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What Are the Different Colors and Shades Available?

Mar 26,2023 | Coleyes

Colored contact lenses offer an impressive array of hues and shades, providing endless opportunities to accentuate or transform your natural eye color. Explore some popular options below:

coleyes What Are the Different Colors and Shades Available?

Blue Colored Contact Lenses

From soft sky blue to intense sapphire or deep navy, blue lenses captivate and delight.

Green Colored Contact Lenses

Encompassing light jade, rich emerald, and olive tones, green lenses exude a natural allure.

Brown Colored Contact Lenses

Light caramel, golden brown, or deep chestnut shades add warmth and depth.

Gray Colored Contact Lenses

Elegant and mysterious, gray lenses vary from misty gray to charcoal or graphite.

Hazel Colored Contact Lenses

Striking hazel lenses blend brown and green, achieving a multidimensional effect.

Violet Colored Contact Lenses

Bold and unique, violet lenses span soft lavender to vivid amethyst.

Amber Colored Contact Lenses

Radiant amber lenses merge golden yellow with light brown for a warm glow.

Multicolored Colored Contact Lenses

Mimicking natural eye colors, multicolored lenses combine hues like blue-green or brown-gold.

Patterned Colored Contact Lenses

Perfect for special occasions or costumes, patterned lenses feature unique designs, like cat-eye, vampire red, or fantastical colors.
Consider factors like your natural eye color, skin tone, and desired effect when selecting colored contact lenses. Experiment with various shades to discover the ideal match for your personal style, and consult an eye care professional before purchasing to ensure proper fit, safety, and eye health.