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How to Safely and Comfortably Wear Colored Contacts

Mar 24,2023 | Coleyes

Colored contacts are a fun and exciting way to change your look, but it's important to wear them safely and comfortably. Improper use of colored contacts can lead to eye infections, discomfort, and even vision loss. In this guide, we'll cover the steps to safely and comfortably wear colored contacts.

coleyes How to Safely and Comfortably Wear Colored Contacts

Step 1: Consult an Eye Doctor

Before wearing colored contacts, it's important to consult an eye doctor. They can help you determine if colored contacts are right for you and ensure that you're wearing the correct prescription if needed. They can also advise you on how to properly care for your contacts.

Step 2: Choose High-Quality Contacts

Make sure to choose high-quality colored contacts from reputable brands. Cheap or counterfeit contacts may be made with inferior materials that can cause eye irritation or infection. It's best to purchase colored contacts from a trusted eye care provider.

Step 3: Properly Clean and Store Your Contacts

Proper hygiene is crucial when it comes to wearing colored contacts. Always wash your hands before handling your contacts, and follow the recommended cleaning and storage guidelines for your specific type of contacts. Avoid sharing contacts with others, as this can increase the risk of eye infection.

Step 4: Wear Contacts for the Recommended Amount of Time

Colored contacts should be worn for the recommended amount of time to avoid discomfort and eye damage. Never wear contacts for longer than recommended or sleep in them. Doing so can lead to corneal ulcers or other serious eye conditions.

Step 5: Don't Swap Contacts with Other People

Colored contacts should never be swapped with other people, as this can transfer bacteria and viruses that can cause eye infections. Only wear contacts prescribed specifically for your eyes.

Step 6: Take Breaks from Wearing Contacts

Taking breaks from wearing colored contacts can help prevent eye fatigue and discomfort. If your eyes feel dry or irritated, remove your contacts and give your eyes a rest.
By following these steps, you can safely and comfortably wear colored contacts and enjoy a fun and unique look. Remember to always prioritize eye health and consult with an eye doctor if you experience any discomfort or vision problems while wearing contacts.