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Buy Yellow Colored Contacts

Yellow colored contacts are one of the best options available on the market today, whether you're looking to add an amazing fashion statement to your current look or change your appearance to match your person.

With a burgeoning interest in themed costume parties among other things, colored eyewear appears to be taking optical illusion to the very next level.

Yellow contacts are the latest rage in our vast repertoire of designer contact lenses. Coleyes has these golden beauties often mixed with a dark, inner iris for a stark and healthy contrast. Some irises even have palpable shapes that are easy to recognize from a greater distance.

Plus, they are CE-approved and are deemed safe by most optometrists. They are highly affordable and are certain to be the hit of themed parties.

Ideas and Styles of Yellow Eye Contacts

Trends in multiple movie genres inspire our vast collection of designer contact lenses, with one of the most popular being the Yellow Contact lenses. These trendy little lenses feature a wide, round, dark brown iris that lays right in the center of the eye flanked by two different shades of yellow. The first is lighter and borders the iris well, while the slightly darker one hangs more outward towards the outer layer of the eye.

You can move close enough to notice that the darker yellow is more of a light gold color that forms the rays of the sun, and this only highlights the overall brilliance of the lens itself. The dark, rounded iris offers the look of someone who is a keen observer of humans.

The best part is that this pair offers a prescription alternative for those with vision impairments. Plus, they are an excellent addition to any Halloween costume.

High Quality Affordable Yellow Eye Contacts

More design choices allow us to combine yellow colored contacts with almost any color when making yellow contacts. There are brilliant greens and blacks that mix well with the yellow to create a luminescent effect that inspires our intense emotions from within.

Coleyes offers an even greater collection of designer black and yellow contacts and yellow contacts trimmed in dark, natural forest greens which are authentic and yet brilliant in their artistry.

There are a variety of styles from which to choose, from the Egyptian themed to costume and more. There are even some that look so natural that they can be worn as part of your ordinary outfit. Whatever the occasion, there is an entire repertoire of styles to choose from.

Cat's Eyes

Our vast collection of cat-like styles embodies the Yellow Cat's Eyes Colored Contacts. These vibrant lenses feature the iconic dark, elliptical shape which hangs vertically in the center as the iris, giving them the appearance of yellow snake eye contacts. They stare you down with their sharp and witty prowess surrounded by a bright sea of yellow.

This pair is perfect for creative inspiration or at a Halloween party. They are versatile enough for vampire or witch costumes. You can also pair up these yellow Halloween contacts with a reptile costume of your choice.

The Super Natural Yellow Green Contacts

The Super Natural Yellow Green contacts serve up a strong sense of the outdoors. Their soft, mossy textured green colors mixed with a slight hint of yellow hug the iris with a natural effect of their own. Yet the colors are so genuine that they can be worn every day since they pass for normal eyewear. Great for those who enjoy subtle, soothing colors.

Classical Egyptian Yellow Greens

Our vast collection of fanciful yellow eye contacts gives a more subtle effect that's a lot less theatrical than the costume-style eyewear. Take, for example, the classic Egyptian yellow-colored contacts that spark a bit of history in all of us.

These colors, the yellow and the green, mix up their own palette of the finest ancient gold the Pyramids had to offer. Couple these with your favorite light summertime sundress and you'll be all set to enjoy the sun.

The Mystery Yellow Lenses

Another member of our list is the Mystery Yellow lenses. These dark yellow contacts have the same general texture as the classic tiger's eye stone. The yellow cosplay contacts have three layers of color that cover your eyes very well, making them a great addition to an authentic disguise. They are so realistic that no one could tell you were wearing something that's actually part of a costume. Plus, the light, airy lenses allow just enough air to pass over your eyes while effectively sealing in the right amount of moisture.

The Edge Yellow Green Contact Lenses

The Edge Yellow Green lenses are so vibrant, yet they remain as innate and charming with their deep, yellow and dark, olive green colors. Perhaps they remind you of the pickled delicacy of that timeless snack, but the real fact remains that these lenses allow for a look that closely resembles what real human eyes can look like. Notice the dark, rusty, brown hue which trims the border of the iris in a vast halo of blended color that's characteristically uneven for a natural look.

Another version that has the same name is just as transparent and will allow any easy transference of color regardless. So, for those who have light or dark colored eyes of any color, they can wear these effortlessly. The hue mixture is just enough to present a balance which tows the line between the natural and the brilliant with its olive-toned luminescence.

The Soul Reaping Yellow Colored Lenses

The Soul Reaping Yellow Colored lenses may not have as much of an authentic vibe but can thrive as a major part of an outrageous costume for your annual Halloween ball. A brilliant, vibrant yellow comes to life amid a sultry glow of fine deep gold that has just enough perk to bring your eyes alive. Yet this delicate balance emits a calm demeanor within all of us. This set is perfect for a character's costume of your choice.

The Black Wolf Contact Set

Our wolverine senses can stand alone under the bright white light of an obese moon with the Black Wolf colored contacts. Fanciful lens technology is crafted to give a light, windy feel that's pleasing to the eyes with a lens that's soft and versatile enough to bring a balance of oxygen and moisture to your eyes. There's no need to sacrifice comfort for style. Plus, they are sustainable and built to last for repeated use of up to one calendar year. Great for dig or werewolf costumes and are suited for any other Halloween outfit as a beast.

The Awaken Demon Yellow Contacts Set

The other designs abound, and one of the most striking and yet alluring is the Awaken Demon Yellow contacts, which have a unique charm of their own. Amid an energetic background of lively yellow lies a series of black dots arranged in a grid-like structure which constitutes the shape of the iris. This portion is complemented by a long, wavy snake-like figure that dangles vertically in the center with its head pointed towards the bottom.

This feature gives the impression of possession when observed from a distance. Because of these fine, surreal qualities, this pair is a perfect match for any kind of zombie attire due to the characteristic slit that's formed in the center.

These yellow cosplay contacts are perfect for any themed party, fancy occasion, or Halloween.

We Offer the Best Quality Yellow Contacts

With all of the different designs, styles, and color themes, how many more choices can we make? Customizing any outfit or costume has never been easier, and having fun while playing with different ideas and modes of dramatic fashion allows any of us to seize the moment in any type of setting.

We make our lenses with lightweight materials comprised of thin, flexible HEMA that is easy on the eyes and allows them just enough air to keep them moist. Each design is coated and sandwiched between two layers to keep your eyes safe from harm during active use.

Your choices in yellow designer contacts are endless. You can browse our wide selection of custom-made contact lenses suited for any occasion. For more designer yellow lens ideas, check out Coleyes. Comparable sizes and prices are available.

Where to Buy Yellow Contacts

Some yellow contact lenses can be expensive; however, we offer many options that are not only attractive but remarkably affordable, ranging from only $9 to $40 depending on the design style and cost to manufacture. The process for creating yellow colored contact lenses is becoming much more mainstream as they increase in number and popularity with time.

This creates a great advantage in pricing, making some colored contacts cost only a little more than their clear counterparts.

With such affordable options, there is plenty of reason to choose colored contacts to enhance your fashion style and personality.

Some people may initially have doubts about choosing colored yellow contacts; however, the striking appearance of yellow contact lenses can also fit into everyday use, and they are becoming more and more common as years pass.

Many people are now considering a shift to yellow contacts as they are becoming more mainstream as time goes on, due to their increasing detail, as well as a wider range of options to choose from.

The design and manufacturing processing for colored contacts is only becoming easier, making these lenses less affordable and more popular and by the day; now is the perfect time where colored contacts are remarkably affordable, yet still an incredibly unique and drastic fashion statement that will add conversation, curiosity and uniqueness to your appearance and style.

Colored contact lenses can be a very effective tool at displaying your style, character, and personality; they are also a great option for Halloween, cosplay events, as well as any other fun parties and special occasions.

They are one of the most affordable options for adding an extreme amount of character to your appearance for very little, and can be used effectively in all environments, from the workplace to home to social events.

Yellow colored contacts create a unique appearance for everyone wearing them, and are an incredibly effective and affordable option for adding a style and fashion statement to your look.