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💜 Purple Colored Contacts 💜

Add a touch of magic to your eyes with our collection of purple contact lenses. Our lenses offer subtle, natural-looking enhancements to your eyes. Whether you want a light lavender or a deep violet, we have the perfect shade for you. Our lenses are made with high-quality materials to ensure comfort and safety. Shop now to find the perfect pair of purple contacts.
Purple contact lenses are suitable for people who want to add a pop of color to their eyes. They can be worn on special occasions to create a unique and bold look. The effect can be dramatic or subtle, depending on the shade and opacity of the lenses.
13 products
13 products

Buy Purple Colored Contacts

We've all seen colored contacts. Natural colors like blue and green are common - and unnatural ones like black and red seem to pop up every Halloween! Unlike any of these, though, purple contacts remain pretty elusive. If you pop some in, you're likely to be the only person around with bright violet peepers. If you're looking for a distinctive look that won't be replicated, check out our selection at Coleyes!

I'm sure you're wondering if you could pull them off, if they'd look good, and if they'd be an acceptable addition to your daily attire. The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes! Purple lenses are alluring, exotic, and unconventional. They pair sweetly with a feminine personality or an ethereal aesthetic and allow you to stand out without being too aggressive. The best part is that purple contacts are no longer relegated to Halloween and cosplay - there are plenty of styles and options available for everyday use!

Are There Purple Contact Lenses?

Colored contacts are really cool because they can be used anywhere! In the past, colored contacts have been used primarily in creating costumes and characters, but shades such as violet exist on the fringe of natural and unnatural.

Depending on which shades you choose, you may only be one or two steps from a natural blue. If you're looking for bright and light contacts to be the crown jewel of your costume, those are available! If you're looking for a darker, less conspicuous purple to wear daily, those are available as well! Regardless of your purpose, there are a pair of colored lenses out there just for you.

The goal of having colored contacts is to feel confident and look great. Whether for costumes or everyday styles, it is important that your colored contacts look realistic and work with your natural eye color rather than against it. Because the colored contacts website has such a large and extensive collection of design options, you can be sure that you will get to choose a custom look that suits you and your purpose.

In addition to providing a wide range of purple-shaded contact lens options, we also provide plenty of choices in both cosmetic and costume styles. We carry everything from subtle, color-enhancing single-tone lenses to tri-tone costume packs that define and stylize your eyes.

Looking for a spooky addition to your newest horror costume? Don't worry! We have plenty of weird and unsettling styles in stock online. You can definitely find some purple pieces - or you can go with any number of other options.

It doesn't matter if you've bought colored contacts before or if you are brand new to the process, we can walk you through ordering both lenses with and without prescription requirements without any issue! Our large range of colored and styled lenses can be completely customized just for you, regardless of your goal. If you want to create an exact replica of your favorite character - we can do that. If you are looking to add a little creep to your costume - we can do that too. If you just want to add a pop of color to your everyday look - you've got a significant chance of success!

What Are The Best Purple Contacts?

The best pair of contact lenses is going to be entirely dependent on you! As a general rule, you will want to find a pair of lenses that will work with your natural eye color to create the effect you're looking for. Keep that in mind as you shop around. Otherwise, the sky really is the limit!

Everyday wearers will likely gravitate toward traditionally pigmented contacts without going too far out of the box. These choices just add a pop of color without distracting from your overall look too much. On the other hand, costume wearers may very well be looking for something much more wild or specific.

If you're looking to become a fairy, witch, mermaid, unicorn, or even a superhero - you may want to take this opportunity to play with pupil shapes and shading to create new and exciting characters with new and exciting lenses.

We recommend our purple lenses to anyone who is looking at making a statement. In fantasy and gameplay worlds, you will find hundreds of interesting characters with distinct looks and hard-to-create aesthetics. We make this process easier than ever by offering unique products that will add to the wild-haired and unique-colored characters that would have been impossible to bring to life in the days past. Pair our contacts with a colored wig and you will really have something special.

In addition to offering a huge range of styles and colors, Coleyes also takes the time to ensure that we are delivering quality products. We guarantee vivid colors as well as safe and comfortable wear. Each set of lenses is manufactured in a reputable facility and approved by the FDA.

Take comfort in knowing that our lenses have been thoroughly vetted and carefully curated. Don't wait any longer - check out our selection of colored contacts and discover a set that will be perfect for you!