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What are Red Contacts

Red contacts are medical devices and are a powerful way to make a statement without uttering a single word. They typically feature a vibrant red iris and are left clear at the center for your pupils so you can see clearly.

The primary purpose is to change the appearance of your eyes similar to the way other colored contacts do. There are also full-eye sclera lenses like those worn by cosplayers pretending to bring zombie viruses.

These cosmetic contacts are an interesting way to wear red, only you're not thinking about a piece of red clothing. You're looking for something more fun and creative that involves switching up your eye color. Not only are red eye contacts bold eye-catching accessories, but they also create a dramatic (or devilish) look that will draw attention everywhere you go.

Red costume contacts can be worn in a lot of different ways although people favor them for Halloween as part of a devil or vampire costume and makeup. Others use them to dress up as a character from a movie or a book, a practice called cosplay. In fact, you don't need a special reason when you can sport red eyes anytime you wish.

It's easy to pull off almost any look you desire even with cheap red contacts. Just remember to choose ones that are the right size and suitable for your needs.

If you already browsed through a series of online collections without success, perhaps something at Coleyes will spark your interest. There is an array of unique and affordable choices. But don't feel rushed to settle until you find that perfect shade of red, size, or design you prefer.

You'll soon begin to imagine the different looks you can achieve as you scour through the red cosplay contacts or red contacts Halloween selections. There are also red contacts prescription lenses for people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. This means you, too, can get involved in the fun without compromising your vision.

Red Contacts Styles and Ideas

Red colored contacts come in a variety of shades and tints including blood red, crimson, scarlet, and maroon. Because of their versatility, it's easy to blend them with different costumes and makeup for just about any occasion.

Interestingly, cosmetic red lenses continue to be a popular choice for Halloween, cosplay, TV and movie characters, and Anime. Consider this a starting point if you're looking for ideas. The style or design you choose may inspire you to pick the right clothing or costume to complement your blood-tainted eyes.

Red Contacts Halloween Edition

Halloween trick or treat and spooky parties provide perfect reasons to go blood-eyed vampire or walking dead on everyone. Or perhaps you're planning on dressing up as a zombie, werewolf, or wicked witch for a Halloween-themed event. We offer safe Halloween contacts that are CE-approved. Best-selling styles include Freshgo Zombie Red, Creepy Red, and Blood Splat Red. These are bound to freak your friends out!

Red Cosplay Contacts

Thinking of imitating your favorite TV show, movie, book, or game character? Red contact lenses for cosplay are a sure way to get into character and make a bold statement. Some are highly pigmented to provide coverage for light to dark-colored natural eyes.

The cosplay collection features wide-ranging lens styles and designs such as the Pentagram, Sunflower, Mukuro Rokudo, and Fire Dragon Red. But you don't need to wait for Halloween or a special costume event to wear them. For example, the Freshgo Sharingan Red Yearly Colored Contacts can be worn whenever you choose, just for fun.

Keep in mind that the 0.00 power range is recommended for those who're looking for red contacts non prescription lenses and do not require vision correction.
Here are other popular options for costume dress-ups:

  • Red Cat Eye Contacts
  • Red Animal Contacts
  • Walking Dead Red Contacts
  • Red Eye Contacts Bestsellers

We've decided to make your search for red eye contacts easy by highlighting three of the top-selling designs.

Freshgo Nonno Red Prescription Yearly Colored Contacts

Need to wear prescription contacts? No problem. Our Nonno Red Prescription Contacts lets you join the cosplay fun. Create a classic movie look or something more dramatic with red irises, black pupils, and fine black lines.

The Nonno is made from verified HEMA and is 14.5mm in diameter with a 0.00–8.00 power range. They are designed to blend with any natural eye color, even dark ones. The special effect varies based on eye color. There is also an option to order 2 boxes of 1 pair of lenses each for right and left eye correction

Sharingan Red Yearly Colored Contacts

These are great for Halloween and cosplay. They come as a single pair of HEMA sterile soft lenses and can be stored and reused for up to one year. You'll need to replace them after that.

Sharingan Red features a light or dark red base with real-like pupil and intriguing details. You can choose ones with lines, shapes, or dots to look like your favorite character. It doesn't have to be creepy though. For example, the Red Itachi Mangekyou from our Naruto Sharingan collection boasts a full red eye with a black blade design. The Red Madara Sharingan is similar. Naruto fans love to wear these. The power range is 0.00 as is the standard for non prescription or plano contact lenses.

Walking Dead Red Yearly Colored Contacts

The Walking Dead Red Colored Contacts is a must-have cosmetic accessory if you're planning to spook the hell out of the neighborhood on Halloween. Or would you rather save the scare for your friends at a Zombie themed event?

Either way, you'll leave a lasting scary impression by recreating the look of the "Walkers" or zombies from the television series, The Walking Dead. The styles available on our website features a Blood Splat effect. The lens diameter is 14.5mm with a power range of 0.00. Finish your look with a walking dead costume and zombie makeup, then be on your way to terrifying everyone in your path!

Frequently Asked Questions on Red Colored Contact Lenses

There are lots of questions on red eye contacts from seasoned contact wearers as well as newbies. Below are our answers to five of the most frequently asked questions.

Are Red Eye Contacts Safe to Wear?

All eye contacts are considered medical contacts. The only time they're not is when they are illegally manufactured and sold as genuine contact lenses. Legally manufactured red colored contacts are approved by the CE and generally safe to wear.

They include red contacts non prescription and red contacts prescription lenses. There is likely to be no risk of side effects, such as corneal scratching, when worn and cared for according to the instructions. However, you will need a prescription from your eye doctor to purchase red prescription contacts at Coleyes.

What Red Colored Contact Lenses Are Safe?

Types of safe contacts are those sold by trustworthy retailers online or in stores. Our lenses are made from a HEMA (hydroxy ethylmethacrylate) material that is safe for the eyes. When you buy with a prescription, you will be getting contacts that are the right size and shape for your eyes and won't interfere with your vision correction needs.

Even if you're looking to buy red cosplay contacts, it is important to be fitted by your eye doctor first. Your optometrist can then issue a specialty prescription for these lenses. This way, you'll select contacts that are the right size and shape and avoid the risk of eye injury or side effects.

Where to Buy Red Contacts?

You can buy red prescription, Halloween, or novelty (special effects) contacts online, in stores, or at a pharmacy. Just ensure you're purchasing from a company that sells safe contacts like the ones we have. We offer prescription, non-prescription, high-end, and cheap red contacts that are packaged in a sterile solution.

How Long Do Red Contacts Last?

Red eye contacts are available as disposable or extended wear. Reusables are designed to last 30, 60, or 90 days, or up to a year with proper care.

Your replacement schedule will depend on your doctor's prescription in the case of contacts worn for correcting vision problems. Disposable soft contacts generally last from one day (daily wear) to a couple of weeks (extended wear). Reusable soft contact lenses made of hydrogel or silicone hydrogel can last up to a year with proper care.

Some of our yearly replacement contacts include the bestselling Nonno Red Prescription Yearly Colored Contacts, Sharingan Red Yearly Colored Contacts, and Freshgo Devil Red Yearly Colored Contacts.

Who Should Not Wear Red Contact Lenses?

Although generally safe for eyes, certain people should not wear contacts for cosplay, Halloween, or other occasions. They include those who:

  • Have eye redness or swelling (inflammation) or an eye infection
  • Have eye dryness, an eye injury, or eye disease
  • Are allergic to the materials and chemicals used to manufacture contacts
  • Are taking eye medications

Coleyes for All Your Clear Colored And Cosplay Contacts

The products we described here are just some of our extensive array of red colored contact lenses. They are easy to wear and provide a comfortable, natural feel. Feel free to browse through the rest of our contacts at your leisure.

Here at Coleyes, eye safety for all customers is at the top of our priorities. We provide detailed instructions on how to wear and care for your contacts.

Remember to take advantage of our cheap red contacts and buy 2 get 1 FREE. Other general special promotions include our buy 5 get 5 FREE, buy 3 get 2 FREE, and 30-day return policy.