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🤍 White Colored Contacts 🤍

Capture the essence of purity and innocence with Coleyes' collection of high-quality white contact lenses. Our white lenses are designed to enhance the beauty of your eyes, giving you a unique and captivating look that is sure to turn heads. White contact lenses are suitable for people who want to achieve a dramatic, otherworldly effect. They are perfect for cosplay, Halloween, or other costume events where you want to create a haunting or ethereal look.
13 products
13 products

What Are White Contacts Lenses

White eye contacts are cosmetic contact lenses used to change the appearance of natural eye colors. They can be worn for everyday use, but are primarily used for costumes.

One of the most popular colors of these novelty contact lenses is white. White contacts are the most versatile lenses because they can complement almost any costume. 

Transform Your Costume in The Blink of An Eye

The eyes can make a huge impact on a costume, but makeup can only transform eyes so far.

White colored contacts are the perfect way to bring a costume to life. They can be the final touch for an already awesome costume. White eye contacts are an easy and affordable way to take a costume to the next level. 

Uses for White Contacts

White contacts are the perfect enhancement for any kind of costume. They are great for Halloween costumes, cosplay costumes, theater costumes, themed parties, special effects makeup, and photoshoots.

From gore to glam, white colored contacts can be used with all kinds of costume creations. 

Costume Ideas for White Contacts

There are a lot of costume ideas that can be enhanced with white colored contact lenses. One popular option is using them to create the appearance of being visually impaired or blind.

Pair them with some black clothing and fake blood for a spooky costume. A few creepy costume ideas could include a ghost, vampire, corpse bride, witch, or anything undead. Or pair them with something whimsical or sparkly for a magical costume. A few enchanted costume ideas could include a wizard, sprite, ice queen, or elf. 

White colored contacts are also great for creating some amazing superhero costumes.

White Eye Contacts Styles

There are multiple styles of white colored contact lenses available to accent any unique costume idea. Some of the most popular types are mesh contacts, block contacts, and sclera contacts.

Mesh contact lenses are made with a grid-like pattern that completely covers the iris and pupil of the eye. This opaque lens is designed to hide the black pupil of the eye, making the eye appear colorless, blind, or dead.

The grid-like pattern on the lenses allows there to still be some vision, through the opaque lens, even though it covers the pupil. These mesh contacts create a very eerie ghost-like effect in the eyes.

Natural eye color will vary the results from a misty white to a foggy gray appearance. These contacts are creepy because they are completely void of all color.

Block white out contacts are another opaque lens that changes the color of the iris to a solid white color while leaving the black pupil fully exposed.

These contact lenses completely block out the natural eye color with pure white color. The stark white against the black pupil creates a striking contrast. These contact lenses provide full vision because the pupil is not covered.

They can be worn to any event, as they do not hinder eyesight. Block white contact lenses are often available with patterned designs on them.

A few examples of the patterns are blood spatter or jet-black rings around the edges. Block white contacts create a super dramatic look, perfect for infected zombies or skeleton costumes. These contacts will surely make a statement.

White sclera contact lenses have a very unique design. They are much larger in diameter because they are made to cover more of the eye than other traditional contacts.

These contacts are used to completely change the appearance of the entire eyeball instead of just the iris and/or pupil. Sclera contact lenses rest on the white part of the eye, called the sclera, instead of on the cornea like other contacts.

The expanded size of these contact lenses gives full coverage to the eye.White sclera contacts are great for achieving a possessed demon or wood elf look. 

Prescription White Contacts

Most novelty contacts are non-prescription. It is not necessary to wear contact lenses, in order to, purchase non-prescription white contacts.

They are designed to be purely cosmetic and do not offer any corrective vision. However, there are prescription white contacts available too. White prescription contacts offer the same great colors and designs as the white contacts non prescription do, but with corrective vision.

All needed is a current single vision contact lens prescription. There is no reason for glasses to affect the look of a costume that doesn't require glasses ever again with these white contacts Halloween accessories.

Open Your Eyes to Endless Possibilities

White colored contact lenses are a great cosmetic way to temporarily change the appearance of your eyes.

They are perfect for elevating any costume into something that is out of this world. With so many different styles of white colored contact lenses to choose from, there is something for everyone and every costume.

Use just one white contact lens for a subtle creepy look or two different white contact lenses for a dramatic look. Open your eyes to all the creative costume possibilities that white colored contact lenses can add to your next big event.


It is recommended that you talk with your eye doctor before purchasing and using colored contact lenses.

They will provide you with information on contact usage and safety. All contact lenses are considered to be medical devices and require an examination and prescription from a licensed optometrist.

This applies even if corrective vision is not necessary. Using colored contact lens safety is important. If used correctly, these white colored contact lenses can really amplify your next costume.