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How to Choose Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark Skin

Mar 27,2023 | Coleyes

Colored contact lenses offer a fun and inventive way to change your appearance and bring some pizzazz to your style. However, with a plethora of choices, it can be difficult to determine which lenses best complement dark skin tones. Here are a few pointers on selecting the ideal colored contact lenses for those with darker complexions.
  1. Understand Your Skin's Undertones

Dark skin can possess cool, warm, or neutral undertones. Identifying your skin's undertones is key to choosing the right colored contacts. Warm undertones are best complemented by shades such as brown, honey, and hazel, while cool undertones are flattered by hues like blue, green, and gray. Neutral undertones are versatile and can work well with any color, so feel free to experiment.
  1. Consider the Occasion

Different events might call for distinct colored contacts. If you're aiming for a natural appearance, opt for subtle colors that blend with your eye color, like variations of brown or amber. For a more eye-catching look, try vibrant colors like purple or blue. Just remember to keep the context in mind when picking your lenses.
  1. Examine Your Hair and Makeup

Your hair and makeup can significantly influence which colored contacts suit you best. If your makeup is bold or your hair is brightly colored, consider a more neutral lens to prevent clashing. Conversely, if your makeup and hair are more subdued, you can play around with bolder hues.
  1. Test Before Committing

Before settling on a specific color, try out various shades to see how they look against your skin. Many contact lens retailers offer complimentary trial lenses, so take advantage of these opportunities to discover the perfect hue for you.
  1. Prioritize Quality Lenses

When purchasing colored contacts, it's vital to select high-quality lenses from a trustworthy provider. Low-quality lenses can harm your eyes and lead to infections. Seek lenses that are FDA-approved and crafted from premium materials.
In conclusion, finding the right colored contact lenses for dark skin can be a challenge, but the effort to identify the ideal match is well worth it. Take into account your skin's undertones, the event, your hair and makeup, and always prioritize quality lenses. With these guidelines, you'll be able to locate the perfect lenses to accentuate your natural beauty and make a statement.