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Top Picks for the Most Natural Colored Contacts That Blend Perfectly

Mar 04,2024 | Coleyes

Finding colored contacts that mirror a natural eye color can be challenging. If you’re seeking lenses with life-like hues, our guide details the most natural colored contacts that meet your criteria. Expect to uncover options that flatter, remain unnoticed, and cater to diverse eye colors, all designed for those who prioritize a realistic look over bold, artificial statements.
Colored contacts aren’t just for the runway – they can enhance, transform or just help you find that dropped lens with a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ tint. Whether you’re after the subtle flair of Polar Lights Brown or the eye-popping change of Iris Grey, there’s a lens out there to bedazzle your peepers – naturally, of course.
Match your lenses like you match your socks—consider eye color, skin tone, and your personal swagger, but most importantly, get the eye doc’s thumbs-up before you dive lens-first into the color pool.

Understanding Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are not just about adding a pop of color to your eyes; they offer a spectrum of possibilities, from enhancing your natural eye color to creating dramatic special effects for events like Halloween or cosplay. Available in a variety of prescription powers, these lenses are not just for the style-conscious, they’re also a boon for those in need of vision correction.
However, have you ever considered that there are three distinct types of colored contact lenses? Allow us to guide you through them.

Visible Tinted Lenses

Visible tinted lenses are the unsung heroes of the colored contacts world. They’re like the fairy godmothers of the lens universe, making the handling and insertion of lenses as easy as a wink. The light tint added to these lenses, often in shades of blue or green, is designed to help you locate the lenses, especially if you drop them, without affecting the eye’s natural appearance.
Brands like Coleyes have all embraced this feature, much to the delight of users everywhere.

Enhancement Tinted Lenses

This is the point where the color begins to come into play. Enhancement tinted lenses are designed to augment the natural beauty of the iris, leading to a more vibrant gaze. These lenses work like a charm, especially if you have light-colored eyes, amplifying the natural beauty of your eyes and making them truly mesmerizing.

Opaque/Color Tinted Lenses

Opaque/color tinted contact lenses are the superstars of the colored contacts world. These lenses are designed to create a significant color change, making them particularly suitable for those with darker eyes. The lenses incorporate a mix of color tones to create a realistic iris effect that blends well with the natural eye color.
The Hidrocor collection, for instance, omits a limbal ring for a softer, more seamless finish. Brown and hazel colored contacts are available both with and without prescription, allowing for a seamless coverage over dark brown eyes for those seeking a natural effect with Coleyes natural colors.

Top 4 Natural-Looking Colored Contacts

Convinced about the allure of colored contacts yet unsure about which one to choose? Rest assured, we have compiled some options for you. We’ve curated a list of the top 4 natural-looking colored contacts that blend seamlessly with various eye colors. Here are the lenses:
  1. Crystal Blue
  2. DNA Taylor Ⅱ Green
  3. Love Spell Hot Love
  4. Norko Gray
These lenses are the crème de la crème of natural looking colored contacts, designed to blend naturally with your eyes and provide a natural color enhancement.

Crystal Blue

For those wishing to intensify their blue eyes to a more striking shade, blue color contact lenses like Coleyes Crystal Blue contacts are recommended to transform the iris to a rich blue.
These options allow blue-eyed individuals to either maintain their natural blue color with a slight enhancement or transform their iris to a more intense blue, depending on their preference. The key is to choose a shade that enhances your natural blue color without overpowering it.

DNA Taylor II Green Colored Contacts

Following closely are the DNA Taylor II Green Colored Contacts. These contacts feature:
  • designed for a more natural blend with the wearer’s own pupils
  • designed to change the eye color to a natural-looking hazel shade
  • adding texture and dimension to dark brown eyes, similar to hair highlights and lowlights.

Love Spell Hot Love Contacts

Imagine the soft, serene blue of a clear sky reflected in your eyes. Love Spell lenses offer a gentle yet striking hue that can transform dark brown eyes into a pool of tranquility. These lenses don't just change the color; they add a dimension of depth that's as enchanting as it is natural. With a subtle limbal ring to enhance the natural shape of the iris, Meta Blue contacts are perfect for those seeking a change that's both significant and subtle at the same time.

Norko Gray Colored Contacts

Finally, but just as noteworthy, we present the Norko Grey Colored Contacts. These contacts feature a realistic pattern that closely imitates the complexity of the natural iris, delivering a natural eye color transformation.
What’s more, these lenses are engineered for comfort with a smooth edge design, making them an ideal option for daily use and providing a smooth blend of functionality and style.

Choosing the Right Natural Colored Contacts Based on Eye Color

Having acquainted you with some of our best natural-colored contacts, it’s time to learn how to select the most suitable ones for your specific eye color. Just like a well-tailored suit or a bespoke cocktail, the perfect colored contact must take into account your unique features.

Blue Eyes

For those blessed with blue eyes, both enhancement and opaque lenses can provide a natural look. However, if you want to add a little spice and drama, violet-tinted lenses can provide a stunning enhancement, taking into account your natural base color to create depth and complexity.

Green Eyes

Green-eyed beauties, enhancement tinted contacts are your best friends. They enhance the natural light green color of your eyes, making them appear more vibrant. These lenses can give your eyes a subtle yet noticeable change, making them even more striking and beautiful.

Brown Eyes

For those with hazel and light brown eyes, green-tinted contacts can deepen your eye color to a more emerald or hazel hue, enhancing your eyes’ natural beauty. Brands like Coleyes offer lenses that are perfect for enhancing these eye colors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Natural Colored Contacts

Selecting the perfect colored contacts isn’t just about matching them to your eye color. You also need to consider factors such as your skin tone, hair color, and personal style. For instance, warm skin tones are best complemented by colored contacts in honey, hazel, brown, or light blue, while cool skin tones match well with grey, purple, or blue lenses.

Safety and Prescription Guidelines for Colored Contacts

Finally, and of equal importance, we should discuss the safety and prescription guidelines. Colored contact lenses, as fun and fashionable as they are, are still medical devices and need to be treated as such. This means that before you start shopping for your dream contacts, you need to get a valid prescription from an eye doctor and ensure a proper fitting.

To sum up

So there you have it! A comprehensive guide to choosing the most natural colored contacts that blend perfectly with your eyes. Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural eye color or create a dramatic change, remember to consider your eye color, skin tone, hair color, and personal style. And most importantly, always prioritize your eye health and safety. Now go ahead, transform your gaze, and see the world in a whole new light!

What are the most realistic colored eye contacts?

The most realistic colored eye contacts are those with a natural blend of colors that mimic real irises. Avoid theatrical or bold designs for a more realistic look.

What is the most beautiful lens color?

Green is the most popular lens color, followed closely by brown, even though blue and hazel are considered the most attractive eye colors. So, go for green or brown to bring out the beauty in your eyes!

Do colored contacts look real?

Stick to more muted and natural-looking shades when choosing colored contacts to achieve a more realistic look. Avoid bright and bold colors for a more natural appearance.

Can colored contacts enhance my natural eye color?

Absolutely! Enhancement tinted contacts can make your natural eye color appear more vibrant and stunning. So, go ahead and give them a try!

Can I change the color of my dark brown eyes using colored contacts?

Yes, you can change the color of your dark brown eyes to lighter shades like blue or green using opaque-colored contact lenses. Give those peepers a new hue!