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About Collaboration

Many thanks for your kindly support to COLEYES!We’d love to establish a collaboration with you!

For the collab, here are some details of the cooperation:

What you can get?

  • We provide a 30% discount code for you and your lovely followers. It's tempting to buy our products at 30 percent off.
  • You can earn 25% commission on every successful referred, that means you just share our products among your usable platform or your friends ( ex: instagram, facebook, youtube, whatsapp and snapchat and so on), and recommend our products. When they use your discount code to purchase our products, you can earn 25% from per order.

What are the requirements?

  • You can pick 3 pairs of contact lenses on our website. A pair of contact lenses are in exchange of 2 post and 1 story in your INS (The frequency of posting is once every two weeks in September, and once a week in October).
  • We also hope that you can also take a video and send it to share our products in your TT account.

Here is our webside: If you interested in it, please click here view more. While you have any problem, pls feel free to contact us.