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About Coleyes

Welcome to Coleyes!

We are a group of cosplay and beauty enthusiasts.

This means that we have an intimate understanding of the needs and fashion trends that come along with wearing colored contacts. We're always up-to-date on the most cutting-edge designs that people are wearing, prepared to push the limits at every turn to provide lenses that are surprising, delightful, and entrancing.

We also know that colored lenses aren't just something for conventions and Halloween parties. At Coleyes, we follow the latest in fashion and lifestyle to bring out customers exactly what they need in colored contacts. It's clear to us that wearing stylish colored lenses is often the precise touch that a person needs to define who they are on a daily basis.

Since the possibilities for designs and styles have expanded as the technology has continued to improve and grow more available, the options and lenses themselves are now something that almost anyone can wear anywhere, anytime. This has led to more people donning their bold person style choices not just for parties and big events but for daily wear as well. Now people are feeling more comfortable to be themselves and express who they really are inside, and the eyes are one of the most powerful mediums to do that through.

As experienced colored contact wearers, we understand the importance of every piece of contact to every interesting soul. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people confidence and a fresh look into everyday life with a single change of eye color.

When it comes to colored eye contacts, it's best to go with the people who are truly passionate about them. Shopping with Coleyes means just that.

Why Shop with Us?

There couldn't be enough reasons to try Coleyes! Not only are we a brand you can trust, but we offer some of the most unique and dazzling options for colored lenses that a bold fashionista or cosplayer could ask for. We do all this through our use of advanced technology, our intimate understanding of colored lens fashion, and our official certifications that ensure the highest safety standards. We do all this while providing lenses that aren't exclusive to the super-rich.

1) Safety First (CE & ISO & FDA certificate)

When it comes to your eyes, health and safety should be your top priority - it's certainly ours. At Coleyes, we ensure that your eyes are in good hands with all the proper certification you would expect from a contact lens company.


Our CE, FDA and ISO certification give you the confidence you need to shop without a worry. You should never have to jeopardize your eye health to pull off a fantastic look, and that's a big reason why our customers love shopping at Coleyes.

2) A Wide Variety Of Products

You never have to worry about showing up to a party with the same lens design as someone else when you choose to do your shopping on our website.

Every color in our product line comes with its own variety of styles, each one perfectly suited for a certain look or costume. You won't have to settle for something that's "close to" what you're looking for; our vast online store will have you just trying to narrow down your choices amidst our amazing selection.

3) A Name You Can Believe In

If there's one thing that makes a brand easy to trust, it's experience. Our factory has spent 10 years working in this industry, growing and developing all the while.

After a decade of deep understanding in this market, growing and developing the products, and building strong relationships with our customers, you couldn't ask for a better-informed company to provide all your colored contact needs. We use all the world-leading technology and equipment to shape our limit-pushing designs and deliver exactly what you need every time.

4) Lenses You Can Afford

No matter how great a pair of colored contact lenses are, they're no good to the people who can't afford them. We here at Coleyes firmly believe that stylish and comfortable colored contacts should be for everybody, not just the select few. The good news is when you shop on our website, the amazing prices and even better discounts make it so just about anyone can invest in a pair of lenses or two without breaking the bank.

5) Unique Contacts Designs

You couldn't ask for more unique options in our product lineup. From cat's eye to rainbow to even glow in the dark, you'll be looking highly original and extremely impressive when you choose any Coleyes product. Our designs were made by people who truly understand colored contacts and the people who wear them. That's how we achieve such noticeable looks that make even the most discerning of contact-wearers look twice.

6) Other Benefits

  • A wide range of products, fashionable and functional;
  • Professional customer service, via E-mail and Facebook;
  • No minimum order quantity;
  • PayPal and credit card verified company;
  • Codes and discounts directly delivered to your E-mail.

How Our Contacts are Made: 



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