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What do you think about men using colored contact lenses "today" in 2023?

Feb 19,2023 | Coleyes

I've been thinking about this for a long time now. My boyfriend has been wearing colored contact lenses for years now and I'm honestly surprised that not many men do this anymore. I guess most guys just don't want to look like they're wearing makeup, even though it's the same thing! But I think it's a good idea if you really want to stand out from the crowd, because nowadays everyone is just wearing black or brown colored contacts in public life.

Do you think it's okay for guys to wear colored contact lenses?

It depends on the situation.
If you're going to a party and want to stand out, colored contacts are the way to go. You can even coordinate them with your outfit! But if you're just at work or hanging out with friends, they might not be appropriate.

Will they be asking their girlfriends to wear them too soon?

Will they be asking their girlfriends to wear them too soon?
Well, it's not a trend that will last forever. It's not even a trend that will disappear. In fact, I think it will be around for a long time! But I don't think it's something that will become obsolete in 2023 or 2024 or 2025...or even 2026!

How do you feel about men wearing colored contacts?

How do you feel about men wearing colored contacts?
The answer, of course, is that it depends on the man wearing them. And I'm not just talking about his personality or personal style--I'm also talking about his eye health. If your husband has been diagnosed with an eye condition like glaucoma or macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness), then he should absolutely not wear colored contact lenses without consulting with a doctor first.
If he doesn't have any medical reason for not doing so, though...well...I can't say I'd be opposed to seeing what my husband would look like in blue eyeshadow!

Are colored contact lenses something guys should only wear for special occasions?

Colored contact lenses are a great way to express your personality, especially if you're looking for something that stands out. If you're going to wear them all the time, they should be fun and colorful!
Colored contacts can be worn any time of year, but if you want people to know it's Halloween or another special occasion where costumes are expected (like a wedding), then it might be better not to wear them then unless someone specifically asks why your eyes look so different than usual.

What do you think of this trend? Will it last or will it disappear like so many other trends do in fashion?

If you're thinking about getting colored contact lenses, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, colored contact lenses are a trend and will likely go away soon. They're not something that everyone should wear; if you don't have the right prescription (and know how to put them in and take them out), they can cause damage to your eyesight. Additionally, if you choose to wear them without medical supervision or approval from an ophthalmologist or optometrist, there's a chance that doing so could make it difficult for others who see your eyesight--including law enforcement officers--to determine whether or not you're driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

The take away is that people can wear whatever they want

The takeaway is that people can wear whatever they want. If a man wants to wear colored contact lenses, then he should be able to do so without judgment. It's no different than what women have been doing for decades: wearing makeup and clothes that are more feminine, but not necessarily "feminine" in their own eyes. The same goes for men who want to be more masculine by wearing more traditionally masculine clothing and accessories like ties or pocket squares--or even just plain old T-shirts.
The point here is that everyone gets to choose how they express themselves through fashion and style choices; this includes everything from hair length (short vs long) to makeup (no vs yes) all the way down to footwear (shoes vs boots).
The take away is that people can wear whatever they want. We don't have any judgment about it, but if you're going to wear colored contacts we would suggest wearing them only for special occasions and not every day.