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Marionette Makeup Idea With Doll Contact Lenses

Feb 17,2023 | Coleyes

What's cuter than an adorable Japanese doll? Nothing. That's right, nothing. The only problem with these little dolls is that they can't really be used as makeup inspiration. (Unless you want to look like a creepy serial killer.) So what do you do if you want your eyes and lips to look like Japanese Barbie dolls? Well, there's a solution! You just need some doll contact lenses from Halloween Contact Lenses, of course!

Who doesn't love a good doll?

If you love dolls and have always wanted to try out the Japanese doll look, then this article is for you. It will teach you how to apply doll contact lenses and give tips on creating a beautiful doll eye makeup look.
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a doll is its big eyes with long lashes and sparkly irises. You can achieve this look by wearing false eyelashes or contact lenses that make your eyes appear bigger than they actually are! If you don't have time for this step, just use an eyeliner pencil to draw thick lines along the upper lids; it'll do the trick just fine!

It's all about the eyes.

You can't get away from it. Eyes are the first thing people notice about you, and they're also one of the most expressive parts of your face. They can make or break a look, so if you want to create a whole new persona with your makeup, I recommend starting with eyeshadow!
The best way to do this is by using eye contact lenses as your base color (you'll find these at any costume shop). They'll give you an almost cartoonish appearance that will help solidify any other look you want to go for--whether it be gothic or kawaii.

Get those lashes ready!

Before putting on your contacts, make sure to apply mascara. A waterproof formula is best because it won't irritate your eyes. If you don't have a waterproof mascara handy, try using a lash primer first and then applying the mascara on top of that. This will help lengthen your lashes and add volume while also keeping them from getting clumpy or flaky later on in the day!
If you have time before putting on your lenses (or if they're already in), use a lash curler to curl those lashes up so they look even more dramatic when seen through doll-sized eyes with no eyelids!

The perfect contour is key.

The perfect contour is key. You want to use a contour pallet, and then brush it on with a light hand. Don't overdo the contour! If you do, it will look unnatural and unprofessional. Use just enough so that your face looks defined but not too much where it looks like you're trying too hard to be someone else

The lips will make your Japanese doll fantasy come to life.

To get the lips to match your doll fantasy, use a lip liner that matches the lipstick you've chosen. Then use a lip brush to apply it and fill in any gaps or mistakes. You can also dab some gloss on top for shine!

Doll contact lenses help you create a unique look!

Doll contact lenses are an excellent way to create a unique look. They can be worn for special events, or everyday! They are also an easy way to get creative with makeup.
We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about doll contact lenses. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We're always happy to help!