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Tips to Avoid Mismatched Colored Contacts

Apr 17,2023 | Coleyes


Colored contacts are a fashionable way to transform your appearance, adding a playful element to your style. However, mismatched colored contacts can jeopardize your eye health. In this article, we'll delve into the dangers of wearing mismatched colored contacts and offer guidance on steering clear of them.
The Risks of Mismatched Colored Contacts and How to Avoid Them

The Hazards of Wearing Mismatched Colored Contacts:

  1. Eye Strain and Discomfort: Sporting mismatched colored contacts can lead to eye strain and uneasiness, particularly when there's a considerable difference in colors. As your eyes try to acclimate to the contrasting colors, they're forced to work harder, leaving them more fatigued than usual.
  2. Diminished Visibility: Mismatched colored contacts can hinder your visibility, as your eyes are no longer cooperating harmoniously. This difficulty in seeing clearly can be particularly problematic in low-light situations.
  3. Eye Infections: Contacts that are ill-fitting or unsuitable for your eyes can result in eye infections. Ill-fitting contacts can cause tiny scratches on your cornea, allowing bacteria to infiltrate and trigger an infection. Improperly cleaned and cared for mismatched colored contacts can also cause infections.
  4. Corneal Ulcers: A severe eye infection, corneal ulcers can develop from wearing ill-fitting or poorly maintained contacts. These ulcers can cause pain, redness, and even vision loss. Mismatched colored contacts heighten the risk of corneal ulcers due to the small corneal scratches they can produce, leading to infections.

How to Circumvent Mismatched Colored Contacts:

  1. Consult an Eye Doctor: To dodge mismatched colored contacts, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. They can help identify the right contacts for your eyes and provide a prescription, ensuring you wear contacts that are both safe and suitable.
  2. Purchase from a Trustworthy Source: Buy colored contacts from a credible source. Refrain from purchasing contacts from street vendors or online retailers that don't mandate prescriptions. This ensures you're acquiring contacts that are safe and designed to fit your eyes correctly.
  3. Maintain Your Contacts with Care: Proper contact lens care is crucial in avoiding eye infections and other issues. Adhere to the cleaning and disinfection instructions provided, and replace your contacts as recommended by your eye doctor. Don't share your contacts with others and avoid wearing them for prolonged periods.


In summary, mismatched colored contacts can pose multiple threats to your eye health. To avert these dangers, consult an eye doctor, purchase contacts from a reliable source, and properly care for your contacts. By taking these precautions, you can wear contacts that are both safe and fitting for your eyes.