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Blue Colored Contacts for Cosplays and Parties

Apr 16,2023 | Coleyes


In the realm of cosplay and festive gatherings, an apt pair of tinted lenses can be the game-changer. Blue colored contacts frequently top the list for those seeking to add a dash of intrigue or allure to their appearance. However, the sheer variety of choices might leave you feeling swamped. Fear not, for this comprehensive guide elucidates all things: blue colored contacts, from selecting the ideal tint to lens maintenance.
Blue Colored Contacts for Cosplays and Parties

Why Opt for Blue Colored Contacts?

There's no shortage of reasons for selecting colored lenses for costumes and events. These lenses enable you to embody your beloved characters or fashion a distinctive look. Blue colored contacts, specifically, shine in cosplays and social functions, providing an adaptable and eye-catching pop of color. Ranging from invigorating to eerie, blue lenses offer a spectrum of effects.

Determining the Perfect Blue Hue

A critical aspect of blue colored contact selection is identifying the right shade. Blue spans from vivid, light hues to deep, bold tones. Keep these factors in mind:
Skin tone: The best blue hue corresponds with your skin tone. Cool undertones (red or pink) typically suit icier, brilliant blues, whereas warm undertones (yellow or gold) favor muted or navy blues. Natural eye color: Your innate eye color also impacts how blue shades appear. Lighter eyes benefit from vibrant blues for drama, while darker eyes gravitate towards saturated, deeper blues. Costume or event theme: Consider the desired aesthetic. A bright aqua blue complements fairytale or mermaid costumes, while deep navy or midnight blue suits gothic or edgy styles.

Popular Blue Colored Contacts encompass:

Sky blue: A radiant, jovial hue ideal for light-hearted or fanciful outfits. Ice blue: A frosty, near-white blue exuding an ethereal aura. Aqua blue: A bold, tropical shade suited for aquatic or beach-themed ensembles. Royal blue: A sumptuous, stately hue that epitomizes elegance and refinement. Navy blue: A dark, borderline black blue perfect for crafting enigmatic or moody looks.

Types of Blue Contact Lens

Having pinpointed your preferred blue colored contacts, ponder the type of colored lenses to don. Two primary categories exist: prescription and non-prescription.
Prescription blue lenses cater to those requiring corrective lenses for nearsightedness or farsightedness. These lenses meet regular contact lens standards and mandate a legitimate prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist.
Conversely, non-prescription blue lenses are exclusively cosmetic, offering no vision correction. Often labeled “plano” lenses, these can be procured sans prescription through online retailers and costume shops.
Bear in mind that non-prescription lenses are still medical devices and warrant appropriate care and hygiene to avert eye infections or complications.

Tending to Your Blue Colored Lenses

Adequate care and upkeep of prescription or non-prescription blue colored contacts are essential for maintaining eye health and lens longevity. Adhere to these tips:
  1. Clean hands are a must before contact handling.
  2. Employ a sterile saline solution for lens cleaning and storage.
  3. Sharing contacts is a strict no-no.
  4. Follow the manufacturer's lens replacement guidelines.
  5. Refrain from sleeping in lenses or extended wear.
  6. In case of discomfort or irritation, promptly remove lenses and consult an eye doctor.


Blue colored contacts present a thrilling way to elevate your appearance for cosplay and parties alike. With a plethora of shades and designs, there's a perfect match for everyone. Just remember to follow proper care and hygiene practices for healthy, gleeful eyes.Coleyes has several blue colored contacts. If you are interested, you can click the link to see our products.