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How to put in colored contacts for the first time?

Aug 03,2021 | Customer Service

 You have been accustomed to the traditional way of wearing spectacles to enhance vision. Nowadays, colored contact lenses are becoming popular. The number of contact lenses wearing customers is increasing across the globe. Yes, benefits are more for a person who switches from glasses to contacts for his vision correction needs. You shall get hassle-free features by wearing contacts instead of traditional glasses.

The first-time users of colored contact lenses have to understand that they require some adjustment period between 10 to 12 days so that your eyes can get adjusted to lenses. You might feel the edges of the contact lenses when you put them in for the first time. However, you may soon or your eyes get accustomed to the feeling of the lenses gradually. After some days of wearing contacts, you will forget that they are in place.

Once you are accustomed to the contacts, you shall have to learn about various features of lense using, such as how to put in and how to take out. Insights about Storing Contact Lenses Overnight are also included in your knowledge about contacts. Let us see those in-depth here.

How to Put in Colored Contacts for first-time users?

1.Be relaxed with dirt-free hands

Many people think that they might scratch their eyes when they put the lenses in. It is not a correct thought at all.

So, relax first and understand that you may be nervous when you put in color lenses for the first time. You need not worry about your eyes if your hands are clean and neat. Hence, clean your hands using soap and water before you touch the eyes. This is to ensure that your hands have no germs and so your eyes are protected. Protect your eyes from infection first before you use the lenses.

 Use a dry hand to touch the eyes. So, you shall use a lint-free cloth to clean your hands.

2. When you use the lenses, ensure that you are standing on a flat or clean surface. Also, take enough care when you are over a sink while using the contacts. Be sure to plug the sink while using the contacts.

3. Ensure that you put the lens on the same eye every time. Never change the lens that is meant for each eye, like right or left. Each lens is specific to one eye with respect to power.

4.Always use your fingertips to handle the lens ever.

5. Slide the lens into your hands after taking it from the storage case. Once you are ready with the lens, rinse the lens in contact lens solution. This is a must task for you, and even if your drop the lens again rinse it before putting it on your eyes.

6. Next, put the lens on the index or ring fingertip of the writing hand.

7. Very importantly, ensure that the lens has no damage before putting in.

8. Following tips or conditions are inevitable to put the lens on your eye.

  •   right-side out
  •   lens edges turn up,
  •  the lens forms a bowl
  • Reverse the lens if the edges are turned out and if it looks like a lid

9.Now, you shall open the upper and lower eyelids by using the fingers of non-writing hands widely.

10. With your upper and lower eyelids open position, you shall put in colored lens on your eye by looking in front of you. You shall also look at the ceiling when you place the lens on your eye.

11. Once you place the lens, shut down your eyes for a minute. During this time, roll your eyes fully like a circle. By this movement, your eyes get settled down.

12. Blink your eyes for some time after opening the eyes. Ensure that the lens is at the center of the eye by looking at the mirror.

13. Simple tips for exact placement of lens on the eye.

  • An eye should feel comfortable
  •  Nice vision
  • In case if you do not feel comfortable after lens insertion, you shall reinsert the lens properly.
  • The above lens placement on your eyes procedure is repeated on your second eye too.

The above steps on how to put in colored contacts for the first time are inevitable to you. Closely adhere to the steps shown above so that you shall get good results.

How to take out contact lenses?

Following are the steps essential to take out contact lenses. The following steps are prescribed by professionals of universities across the globe. Hence, you shall follow the suggestions as it is for your benefit.

Clean hands are a must

The first and foremost step that we have already discussed above is the clean hands of the user. Yes, the user of the colored lens must be clean and dry. The washed hands must be dried using a linen-free cloth. Ensure your hands is free of dirt and moisture so that you shall protect your eyes from infection. Post checking your hands, you shall handle the lens further.

Storage case cleaning task

You shall turn the storage case upside and down and check if any contact lens solution is left inside. If you find some solution, even minimum level, you shall shake out the solution out. Use a cloth to dry the storage case entirely. The cloth that you use to clean the case should be fresh and clean.

Removing the lens

Now, you shall stand in front of the mirror first to remove the lens as you require. Yes, you shall hold down the lower eyelid by using the middle finger. You shall look up when your open the eyelid with your finger. Please remember that you shall always remove the same lens first.

Either right or left eye first basis and repeat the same whenever you remove the lens. This step may help you to avoid confusion in the later stages of lens removal. You shall be confused after some days of lens usage and so be careful with your safety.

You shall use the index finger of your writing hand to slide the colored contact lens down. Sliding down the lens from the center to the white area of the eyes is carefully done.

Massive care and attention are musts

Now you shall have to be very careful about removing the lens from the eyes. How? Yes, you shall use the fleshy part of the index finger and thumb, namely the pad to pinch the lens. This step is to remove the lens from your eye gently. You should not remove the lens forcibly and instead be gentle and soft when you remove it. Be focused during the process and do not feel lethargic because you are dealing with your eyes.

Repeat the above steps for removing the lens that is present in the other eye. Do not deviate from the suggestions given to you by the ophthalmologists for putting and removing the lens. Do not be overconfident after some days of practicing. Be patient and careful on all days of putting and removing the colored contact lens. Even a slight error costs you a lot and so be mindful always.

Obey the instruction

Be attentive and obey the instructions given by eyecare professionals or the manufacturer. Never forget that you are following the advice from the experts in the field. So, do not deviate from the instructions given to you.

Always use recommended lens cleaning solutions instead of homemade solutions. In case you are not using the lenses on a daily basis, clean them using the lens solution given to you by the specialists.

Finally, you shall put the colored contacts in the storage case after removing them. The above steps are mandatory for you when you remove the lens from your eyes. Take enough care like you do while you put the lens in your eyes. Be alert when you handle the contacts, and if not, you are the loser.

Storing Contact Lenses Overnight

1.Lens cleaning after wearing

Before you store, rinse the contacts in the solution that is meant for your contacts. Put the lens in the case and then add the solution to each lens of the case. If possible, you shall swirl the lens that is present in the solution for some seconds. After you shall drain the solution, out and if required, repeat the process.

Important information to you that you need to follow

In case you find any particles stuck to the lens, clean it by using the lens solution. Then dry the lens using the dry cloth gently. Never ever do not try using your fingernails to clean the lens, and it is not advisable.

Use the protective case

2.You should always remember that lenses are kept inside the storage case if not used.

So, keep the storage case provided by the optometrist when you first purchase the colored lens. Be careful when you store the lenses because they may be damaged by someone in your house if mishandled. So, keep the case in a safe place in your home, especially away from your kids.

If you are happened to lose the protective case due to some issues, you need not worry at all. You shall buy any other case from any recognized pharmacy.

Use the recommended solution

3.When you store the lens overnight, use a contact-cleaner solution for covering the lenses completely.

Why it is so? The reasons are as follows

The cleaner solution keeps the lens from getting dried and protected overnight. Also, the lenses are cleansed by the cleaner solution by keeping them overnight.

Do you use water inside the protective case for cleaning the lenses? If so, first avoid water and instead go for recommended solution alone. Water may damage the lens, and it is not comfortable for your normal vision. You may feel pain when you insert the lens in your eyes.

Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses for the First Time

The following tips help you feel confident, comfortable, and relaxing if you wear lenses for the first time.

  • It is normal to feel anxious and nervous when you wear contacts for the first time. Never worry and relax because the task is a simple and easy-going one forever if you are sincere.
  • Be professional and knowledgeable by learning How to Put on Your Contacts. This step is fundamental to you as you are going to use contacts forever.
  • Clean your contacts using recommended contact lens solution by an optometrist. Do not use saline solution to store your lenses.
  • Keep your contact lenses hydrated before you use them. If not, your eyes get irritated, and the lens may get damaged. So, keeping them moist is a comfortable technique for you.
  • Get the recommendation of doctors before you purchase saline, eye drops, or contact solution. An experienced optometrist is the right person that advises you exactly. Yes, there are many over-the-counter products available for your use. Before you choose and use it, it is better to get advice from optometrists. This is to check the compatibility of the products to your eyes.
  • Strictly following your prescription to check if your contacts work properly is a must. Go with the doctor's prescription without any deviation, such as duration of wearing contact and removing the lens when you sleep. If your need to replace the lens, do not delay or postpone and instead replace them as per directions. Hence, exactly follow Wearing and Replacement Schedules.

You shall also check the status of your contacts easily by self-checking. Check by asking the following questions.

  •    What do you think about contacts or how comfortable they are?
  •    How do you feel about your eyes and it looks?
  •    How do you feel about your vision?

The above questions give you the result you are looking for.

8, You shall find some problems with your contacts by your self-check. Problems like blurred vision, irritation of eyes, etc. If you have these issues, either you shall correct the issues yourself or contact the eye professionals immediately.


A beginner who wears the contacts the first time should follow the above instructions without fail. Your eye health and comfortable life are depending upon the steps taken by him. Be sure to adhere to the above guidelines while putting in, removing, and storing in the case.