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How Much Do Colored Contacts Cost and How to Save More

Jun 29,2021 | Customer Service

Colored contacts are a fun and easy way to add a pop of color to an outfit and to change up your day-to-day style. As the world of online shopping has increased, the accessibility of purchasing colored contacts online has increased as well.

However, finding the best price on colored contacts isn't always simple. There are a variety of options regarding color choices, customization, and type. Colored contacts are available at a variety of retailers both online and through your eye doctor, so knowing where to look for them can help save you money.

How Do Colored Contacts Work

Colored contacts are safe for use in your eyes, as long as you use them and care for them correctly. Use and care are similar to traditional, clear lenses. The contacts are pigmented with a variety of different colors, which most often range from bright blues and greens to deep browns.

Many of the tinted contacts are meant to look natural. However, non-traditional eye colors such as white or violet are also available.

Additionally, special order colored contacts can allow the contact user to choose their specific desired shade, or a variety of party-themed contacts can be ordered for special occasions.

Different types of colored lenses will have different functions within the eye. Some contacts are meant to enhance the natural color of your eye, while others are meant to change the eye color completely.

Where Can I Get Them and How Do I Purchase Them

Lenses without a prescription, also known as plano lenses, can be purchased by those who do not typically need contact lenses. These lenses simply have the tinted color without the corrective feature to them. These lenses can be purchased online through multiple websites. However, these lenses should still be used with proper care to ensure safe use.

Colored lenses that do have a prescription can be purchased online with Coleyes, through your local eye doctor's office, or in stores at many of the same places that also sell non-tinted contact lenses.

This is the safest way to order contact lenses, as it allows the doctor to ensure the proper fit for your eye. The process to purchasing colored lenses is similar to purchasing clear contact lenses. They require an optometrist or ophthalmologist prescription prior to purchase, but you are able to select the eye color of your choice.

Different contact retailers have different selections for eye colors, so be sure to shop around if there is a specific eye color that you are looking for. Otherwise, contacts can be special-ordered to match a specific desired color.

How Much Do Colored Contacts Cost

If you're wondering how much do colored contacts cost, the simple answer is that it depends. As you can imagine, purchasing colored contacts is slightly more expensive than purchasing clear contacts.

However, the exact amount that you will pay is dependent on the type of contact you purchase, brand that you choose, and the place from which you purchase them. Colored contact lenses are available for purchase in both disposable daily or monthly contacts, just as with regular contacts.

Disposable Contacts

Prices for disposable colored contact lenses vary based on whether they are daily, weekly, or monthly lenses. On average, you should expect to spend around $30 for a 1 month supply. The average prices online for each category is as follows:

  • Daily Disposable: $25-$30 for a pack of thirty
  • Monthly Disposable: around $40 for 6 lenses
  • Yearly Disposable: $30-$40 for 2 lenses

Other Factors Affecting Price

There are several other factors that may impact the price of your colored contact lenses. Some of these factors are general with all contacts and some are specific to colored contact lenses.

For example, lenses that are meant to correct astigmatism cost significantly more than those that do not. Lenses that are made for sensitive eyes also tend to be more costly. Additionally, colored contact lenses are also able to be customized in certain colors and special ordered to ensure that you get the color you need or want.

Special effects are also available, such as a green UV glow for a fun party or a red cat eye to match a Halloween costume.

Tricks to Save You More

If you're looking to order colored lenses but want to save some money, there are a few tricks to getting high-quality contacts without breaking the bank:

  • Look for manufacturers' coupons or rebates: manufacturers will often offer coupons and rebates to promote you to try and purchase their product. Sometimes these can be offered straight through your optometrist or ophthalmologist's office, but frequently they can be found online. Rebates may be direct cashback or can be used towards a later purchase.
  • Wait for sales or specials: Many websites will offer free shipping or a "buy X get 1 free" sales promotion which will help you save money. Some brands and websites will offer a percentage off you are a first-time purchaser of their product.
  • Shop around and do price comparisons: Instead of ordering contacts straight from your eye doctor, spend some time shopping around online first while exploring your options. Many websites offer the same brand of contact at different prices. Shopping around is the best way to find deals or specials on the contacts that you want.
  • Purchase in larger amounts: purchasing a years supply of colored contacts will often reduce the amount you pay per lens, as many companies offer discounts when you buy a greater quantity of their product.

What to Expect

You should expect to pay more for colored contact lenses than non-colored contact lenses; however, by shopping around and looking for sales and specials, buying colored contact lenses does not have to break the bank. While an average 30 day supply of clear contact lenses may cost around $15, the colored lenses may cost around $25-30 for the same supply.