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Coleyes 3 Tone Sterling Grey Yearly Prescription Colored Contacts

Our 3 Tone Sterling Grey Yearly Prescription Colored Contacts are a beloved classic in the 3 Tone series. These contacts feature a stunning blend of three shades of grey, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look.
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3 Tone Sterling Grey
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  • Lenses on different eye color will show different effects. Pictures for reference only.
    Product Name: Soft Hydrophilic Contact Lens
    Packaging: 1 pair of lenses (2 lenses) + 1 case
    Power:  (0.00) - (-8.00)
    Plano Lenses: If you do not require correction, please select 0.00 power.
    Water Contet: 40%
    Material: HEMA + NVP
    Base Curve: 8.6mm
    Diameter: 14.2mm
    Thickness: 0.06mm ~ 0.12mm
    Period of Use: Yearly
  • Different correction for each eye: If you require a different correction for each eye, you will need to orders 2 boxes: one with your left eye correction and the second with your right eye correction. Unfortunately, we cannot open the original packagings and mix your prescriptions.

Frequently asked questions

About Products

1. Are your products safe?

Absolutely safe. Coleyes contacts have been certified by the FDA, CE, and international ISO 13485 certification. Product quality has always been our top priority, so you can wear Coleyes's contact lenses with complete confidence.

2. Is the higher the water content of the lens, the better?
When wearing contact lenses for a long time, the moisture of the lens itself will be lost due to evaporation, but the contact lens itself does not produce water. At this time, the lens will absorb tears to maintain the original moisture content. Therefore, the lower the water content, the less chance of dry eyes.
The water content of Coleyes lenses is 40%, which is considered as low water content lenses.

Remind: If your eyes are dry, or you live in a dry environment or area, it is not recommended to wear high water content contact lenses.

3. What's the material of Coleyes's lenses?
The main material of Coleyes lenses is Hema + NVP, which belong to non-ionic material.
The non-ionic material is the addition of NVP ingredients, so that the lens becomes very light, thin and soft, and is not easy to produce protein precipitation. This is a non-ionic material.
Non-ionic material lenses are suitable for people with sensitive eyes and strong foreign body sensation.

4. Why the lens color different from that on website?
Lenses may vary in color and look different due to variables such as light, camera lens filters, surrounding color, original eye color/eye shape/makeup. These situations are acceptable.

5. Does Coleyes's lenses come with prescription?
Yes, Coleyes lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription. Please kindly check our prescription verification page and consult your eye doctor before purchasing.

6. Can I choose different power in one pair/box?
Sorry, we do not sell two different Prescription in one box at the moment. We don't accept any order leave note to change prescription.
If you need  two different Prescription, pls order two boxes accordingly.

7. Do your products have astigmatism?
No. Coleyes's products are currently only suitable for customers who need non prescription(0.00) and prescriptions(-1.00 to -8.00). For the safty of your eyes, if you need lenses with astigmatism, please consult a professional optometrist or your ophthalmologist.

8. Does Coleyes have farsighted lenses?
No, Coleyes doesn't provide farsighted lenses for now. Please kindly check your prescription before purchasing.

9. How do I choose the right contact lenses prescription for me?
First, please consult your ophthalmologist or optometry center to obtain your prescription.
In order to make it more comfortable for you to wear, please reduce your original degree by 25/50/75 degrees accarkordingly when choosing the right and left eye degree.

Remind: No need reduce degree if your prescription less than -4.00.

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