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🐈👁️ Human & Animal Iris Design 👁️🐈

What is Iris?
Iris is the colored part of the eye and is the eye membrane that sits between the pupil and the sclera.
What is the color of the iris?
Everyone's iris is different, so it can be used for identification, and the pigment in the iris also determines the color of the eye.

The iris comes in many colors, which does not affect vision. The iris is usually pigmented, and the most common colors in human irises are brown (including dark brown and light brown) and blue, and there are also green, grey and amber.
  • Stunna Collection

# Black Spot Iris

According to research, the human iris has spots of different shades of color, so the colyeyes design team imitated the human iris to produce this series - Stunna (Black Spot Iris).
# Russian Eye

Supernatural design, not bold but not subtle, perfect coverage of your original color.

All 3 colors are suitable for daily going out, pick up your favs now.

  • Russian Collection

# Animal Iris
In addition to Human Iris, Animal iris have also caught our attention.
  • Tiger's Eye Collection

  • Wild Cat Collection

You may ask, what colored contact lenses should I choose?

1. Just click the colors that you love.
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2. Looking for colored contatcs for dark brown eyes.

3. Looking for natural lens design.

4. For daily no makeup.

5. For dating.

6. If you have brown skin, we have an according line.

7. As a colored contact lens brand that is constantly exploring in the visual universe, we continue to study the characteristics of the human iris and animal iris, so we develop the Iris Collection.