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Wondering How To Make Your Korean Colored Contacts? Read This!

Jun 01,2023 | Coleyes


The trend of Korean colored contact lenses is gaining momentum in the world of beauty, providing a unique and captivating way to alter your eye color and enhance your appearance. It's understandable why these fashionable lenses have become a favorite for many With the extensive variety of colors and styles available. If you're passionate about learning to create your own Korean colored contacts, you've arrived at the perfect destination. Our in-depth guide will lead you through each step of the process, offering insightful suggestions and approaches for a seamless experience. Let's immerse ourselves in the world of Korean colored contact lenses and unlock their potential.
  1. Choose the Right Base Material

To create your own Korean colored contacts, the initial step is to choose the suitable base material. There are two primary types of materials utilized for these lenses: hydrogel and silicone hydrogel. Hydrogel lenses are recognized for their comfort and ability to allow air to pass through, while silicone hydrogel lenses offer higher levels of oxygen permeability, which makes them the favored option for individuals with sensitive eyes. When choosing the base material, consider your personal preferences and any existing eye conditions.
  1. Decide on a Color and Design

Korean colored contact lenses offer a diverse selection of colors and patterns, enabling you to explore a variety of appearances. The extensive variety of options for Korean colored contacts includes understated, lifelike shades like brown, hazel, as well as more eye-catching and vibrant colors such as green, blue, or violet. Additionally, you may find lenses with elaborate designs that closely resemble natural iris' patterns or even opt for cosplay-inspired lenses. When selecting a color and pattern, it's essential to consider your skin tone and individual style.
  1. Get Your Prescription and Measurements

To ensure the ideal fit and excellent vision while donning colored contact lenses, acquiring a prescription and precise measurements is essential. For this purpose, it's advised that you consult a certified optometrist or ophthalmologist who can conduct a comprehensive eye examination and supply you with a prescription containing crucial parameters like base curve, diameter, and power (if vision correction is needed). This information will guarantee that your Korean colored contact lenses not only appear stunning but also feel comfortable and deliver sharp vision.
  1. Find a Reputable Manufacturer

Once you have your prescription and measurements, it's time to find a reputable manufacturer to produce your custom Korean colored contacts. Look for companies with a solid reputation in the industry and a commitment to using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Check online reviews and customer testimonials to get a better idea of the company's products and customer service. Furthermore, verify that the manufacturer adheres to global safety standards and guidelines, which guarantees that your colored contact lenses are secure for use.
  1. Place Your Order

After selecting a manufacturer, you'll need to place your order. Provide the company with your prescription, measurements, desired color and design, and any other specific requests you might have. Most manufacturers will require a few weeks to produce your custom lenses, so be sure to factor in this waiting period when planning your order.
  1. Care for Your Korean Colored Contacts

Proper care is crucial to maintaining the quality, comfort, and safety of your Korean colored contacts. Follow these essential care tips to ensure a great experience with your lenses:
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contacts.
  • Utilize a superior contact lens solution for cleaning, disinfecting, and storing your lenses.
  • Swap out your contact lens case every three months to inhibit bacterial proliferation.
  • Adhere to the suggested replacement timetable for your lenses, usually varying from daily to monthly disposables.
  • Refrain from sleeping with your contacts on, as this may heighten the likelihood of infection.


Now that you've successfully created your Korean colored contacts, it's important to remember that they can completely transform your appearance. Whether you're looking to enhance your natural eye color or try out a bold new shade, these lenses are the perfect accessory to help you achieve the look you desire. With your new, captivating look, you'll undoubtedly turn heads wherever you go. So, don't hesitate to show off your style and confidence. Feel free to experiment with different makeup looks and fashion styles to complement your lenses and express your unique personality. Remember, your Korean colored contacts are not just a fashion statement, they're also a reflection of your individuality and creativity. Enjoy your new look and embrace the excitement of this new chapter in your life.