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Purple Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes: Tips and Tricks

Apr 12,2023 | Coleyes


Finding the ideal colored contacts for dark eyes can be a tad tricky, but worry not! With the perfect hue and style of purple contacts, you can create a breathtaking and captivating appearance. Here's a compilation of helpful pointers for rocking purple colored contacts on those lovely dark eyes.
Purple Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes Tips and Tricks
  1. Selecting the perfect purple hue

Picking the right shade of purple is crucial to accentuate your skin tone and magnify your eyes' natural charm. Warm skin tones harmonize with reddish-purple shades such as burgundy or magenta, while cooler skin tones are flattered by bluish-purple hues like lavender or lilac.
  1. Opacity matters

Dark-eyed individuals should pay close attention to the opacity of their purple contacts. Opt for opaque lenses to ensure comprehensive coverage, while translucent lenses permit some of your natural eye color to peek through.
  1. Natural-looking patterns are key

Aim for purple contacts featuring subtle, lifelike patterns to achieve a more organic appearance. These designs help integrate the color with your inherent eye color, producing a seamless visual effect.
  1. Dare to explore diverse styles

The world of purple contacts offers a plethora of styles to select from, encompassing circle lenses, cosplay lenses, and beyond. Don't hesitate to experiment with various styles to unearth the ultimate look that suits you best.
  1. Prioritize contact lens care

Proper maintenance of your purple contacts is essential to guarantee their longevity and avoid any potential harm to your eyes. Adhere to the cleaning and storage instructions diligently and never share your contacts with others.


In a nutshell, purple colored contacts possess the power to magnify the innate allure of dark eyes in a striking and distinctive manner. By carefully choosing the appropriate shade, opacity, and style, you'll be able to craft a gorgeous, attention-grabbing appearance. Just remember to prioritize contact lens care and relish your dazzling, audacious look!