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How Eye Color Affects Perceptions

Apr 21,2023 | Coleyes


The saying "the eyes are the windows to the soul" may have more truth to it than you think. Studies suggest that people often form assumptions about one's personality based on their eye color. With the increasing popularity of colored contacts, understanding how our choice of eye color influences others' perceptions becomes essential.
How Eye Color Affects Perceptions

The Influence of Eye Color on Personality Perceptions

Let's examine some common assumptions people make based on eye color. Brown-eyed individuals are often perceived as dependable and trustworthy, while blue-eyed people are seen as intelligent and self-assured. Green-eyed folks tend to be viewed as enigmatic and captivating, while hazel-eyed people are considered creative and spontaneous. Bear in mind, these are generalizations, and numerous other factors influence personality perceptions.

The Effect of Colored Contacts on Personality Perceptions

How do colored contacts impact these perceptions? Will blue contacts make someone seem more intelligent, or do they appear artificial? Do green contacts lend an air of mystery, or do they simply look like a fashion statement?
The reality is that there's no one-size-fits-all answer. It largely depends on the person wearing colored contacts and their demeanor. A naturally introverted and shy individual might struggle to pull off bright green contacts without appearing out of their element, while a naturally extroverted and adventurous person may effortlessly rock any colored contact hue.
Nonetheless, there are some general guidelines to help select the right contact color that aligns with your personality. Blue contacts might suit someone desiring a more confident and assertive appearance. Hazel contacts could be better for those wishing to convey creativity and spontaneity. For a mysterious and intriguing vibe, green contacts may be the ticket.

Considering Context When Choosing Contact Colors

The context in which you wear colored contacts is also important. For job interviews or professional events, it's wise to opt for natural-looking colors that don't detract from your skills and qualifications. Conversely, bolder and brighter colors might be more fitting for parties or social gatherings, where standing out is desired.


Eye color can influence how others perceive our personalities, but it isn't the sole determining factor. Colored contacts offer a creative and enjoyable way to try out different looks, but it's crucial to select colors that complement your personality and the context in which they'll be worn. Ultimately, embracing your unique qualities and staying true to yourself is key, regardless of your eye color.